Nansha Port Railway Shunde Jun'an Station completed
2021-09-01 09:42

After months of construction, the bridge of Jun’an Station on Nansha Port Railway, reportedly, has wrapped up on August 30.    



Nansha Port Railway in Guangzhou is known as an indispensable traffic line in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). Connecting 4 cities in Guangdong, including Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan, Guangzhou, it serves as a way heading to the west of Pearl River Delta as well as the first freight railway to Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone. With Heshan South Station on Guangzhou – Zhuhai Railway as its starting point, the 87.8-kolimetere line goes south east towards the junction of Heshan and Jiangmen, Jun'an in Shunde, Xiaolan in Zhongshan, Dongfeng, Nantou, Huangpu, Wanqingsha to Nansha Port. The train can reach 120 kilometers per hour.  



For building the 9-kolimeter section in Jun’an, Shunde, about 1,000 residents had been unavoidably affected. As for the construction group, it had to overcome a lot hassles, like the complicated environment, hot weather, the rage of COVID pandemic and so on. For that matter, over 1,000 workers and 300 equipment were put into work. Due to the cooperation and strict demand of the manage group, the construction was finished even ahead of schedule. 

Nansha Port Railway is expected to be the conjunction of ports, roads and railways. In this case, ports along the line may become the first choices of customers as the logical cost will cut down. Most importantly, Shunde, as a competitive manufacturer across the country, will definitely be benefited when it becomes more accessible. 

Author | Ivy 

Revisor | Eleanor, Jessica   

Photo | Foshan Daily