German company for medical beds lands in Shunde
2021-09-14 17:02
Good news comes that Stiegelmeyer, a German technical pioneer, has landed at the Intelligent Robot Manufacturing City of Haichuang Dazu (hereinafter refer to as the Robot Manufacturing City) in Shunde on September 13th, which is expected to unleash more potential of Chinese manufacturing.  
Founded in 1900 in Herford, Stiegelmeyer has emerged as the German market leader manufacturing beds for hospitals and nursing homes. With industry 4.0 digital technology and intelligent factory, it will hold hands with the Robot Manufacturing City and open the market in China and beyond.
The Robot Manufacturing City gives priority to robotics industry and plans to invest 50 million yuan to build an intelligent and digital industrial park. It has attracted numerous top-notch European R&D groups and corporations.
As early as July this year, Stiegelmeyer has come for field visit. The superior location and transportation, complete industrial chain and favorable business environment in Shunde, and the characteristic operation, facilities and services in the Robot Manufacturing City attract Stiegelmeyer to settle and tap into Chinese market.
In the next step, Stiegelmeyer will introduce more advanced digital technology into China, giving impetus of the digital upgrading of manufacturing in Foshan. 
Author | Ivy
Revisor | Jessica
Photo | Nanfang Plus