Foshan released "Innovation China" pilot city scheme
2021-10-12 09:32

The other day, Foshan released "Innovation China" pilot city scheme, pointing out that, during China's 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), Foshan strive to build a network of solid technological support and innovation by teaming up with over 500 local enterprises or institutes, over 10 technologically innovation alliances, over 10 workstations for academicians and experts, and cooperative relationship with over 100 national-level societies and international academic institutes.

Bright Dream Robotics (Photo by Foshan Daily)


First of all, Foshan is tasked to break through bottlenecks that have hindered the development of local manufacturing, like core technologies, key materials, major spare parts and equipment. To this end, Foshan will promote the communication and cooperation between producers, colleges, institutes and investors.


Foshan will take a further step to meet the enterprises' needs on their way to innovation development after collection and analysis by creating online requirement list. Besides, more talent trainings will be provided.


In addition to introducing A-list talent groups, holding national-level exhibitions and academic conferences themed on manufacturing and globally-leading technology is of significance.


Foshan also plans to build China Association for Science and Technology Haizhi Base as a way to attract innovative resources from Hongkong, Macao and the outside world.


To attract more projects to land in Foshan, the local government will give full support to Foshan China Academy of Invention Achievement Transformation, Bright Dream Robotics, Foshan Xianhu Laboratory, Sino-German Industrial Services zone (Sanlongwan), Foshan Leaguer Science Park and other institutes/companies.


Up next, to enhance the talent and technological competitiveness, priority will be given to innovation platforms like Foshan High-tech Zone, Sanlongwan Sci-tech City and Foshan Xianhu Laboratory.


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