Exploring the "Hollywood" of Cantonese Opera | I'm in Foshan⑨
2021-11-02 10:19

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September 28th of the Chinese lunar calendar marks the birthday of Huaguang, a great master of Cantonese opera. At this time every year, Cantonese Opera lovers from all over the world gather in Foshan to worship the Cantonese opera master.


Laura from Italy, the hometown of opera, came to the Ancestral Temple in Foshan, which is known as the "Palace of Oriental Folk Art", to have a close contact with the traditional Cantonese opera. Standing on Wanfu Stage, the "Hollywood" of Cantonese Opera, wearing costumes and learning lyrics, Laura had an immersive experience of Cantonese Opera.


How did Laura feel when she stood on the Wanfu Stage for the first time? What is the "treasure" behind the stage? What inspiration it will bring us when western face meets eastern costumes?


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On our last episode, Bruno from Germany will be on a trip to the world-renowned Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, where he gets to feel the centuries-old cereramic crafts and leverage his creativity when making a pottery. How does he like about the ceremics town? Will he manage to take home his own espresso cup?


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Presented by Foshanstyle Studio, Foshan News Network

Supervisor: Kevin Yan

Planner: Wanping Chen

Director: Jessica Su, Ivy Xu

Cameramen: Huixin Huang, Bo Yang

Film Cutter: Xiaofa Pan

Special acknowledgement to: Foshan Cantonese Opera Theater, Foshan Ancestral Temple, Yixing Cantonese Opera Troupe

Editor: Eleanor