Transportation in Foshan
2021-10-08 11:01


Buses are the most common public transportation in Foshan. Visitors can easily catch a bus while visiting Foshan. To have a better experience of taking bus, visitor had better download the APP “Chelaile” (车来了),or Baidu Map or Gaode Map to check the real-time timetable.


Foshan Bus Station

Phone: 0757-82232940

Address: No. 6 Fen Jiang Zhong Road, Chancheng District, Foshan



The Guangfo Metro line is connecting Guangzhou and Foshan as a part of Guangzhou Metro.


Please check the map of Guangzhou Metro below:

(Click here to download the map in high definition)



Visitors can easily grab a taxi on streets, or call 0757-82023456 in Foshan (Shunde excluded) for reservation, in Shunde please call 0757-222331888.

You can also call taxi online through apps like "Feihongchuxing"(飞鸿出行), "Didi"(滴滴出行), "Dida"(嘀嗒出行). Baidu Map and Gaode Map also provide this service. 



There are a lot of sharing-bikes in Foshan, such as Mobike(摩拜单车), Didi Bike(青桔单车) and etc. There are even electromobiles for rent. Visitors can download relevant APPs, register and scan the QR code on the bike for a ride. For more details, please refer to the relevant websites.



Airport Express Line 


Chancheng District 

Foshan Terminal:

The first floor of Lanshi International Metal Transaction Center, Kuiqi Yi Road, Chancheng District


Ramada Hotel, No. 80, Tongji East Road, Chancheng District (the intersection of Tongji East Road and Nanhai avenue)


Terminal: 0757-88338833

Stopping: 0757-82094355


Nanhai District 

Xiqiao Terminal building to Baiyun Airport

Phone: 0757-81166987

Address: Xiqiao bus station, No. 189 on Qiao Jin Road, Nanhai District


Shishan Terminal building to Baiyun Airport (Nanguo Peach Garden station)

Phone : 0757-85232288

Address: Fengdan Bailu Hotel in Nanguo Peach Garden, Shishan, Nanhai District


Shishan Terminal building (Huameida Hotel station)

Phone: 0757-81166987

Address: No.61, Bo Ai Zhong Road,  Shishan Nanhai,


Nanhai Express Line:

Phone: Guicheng 0757-81018891 Dali: 0757-81188998

Address: No.20, Poly Mall, Denghu Dong Road in Guicheng Nanhai.

Stopping point: At Dali bus station


Shunde District 

Shunde Express line:

Daliang and Beijiao

Phone: Shunde 0757-22295578 Daliang: 0757-22602881


Shunde: The first floor of Jiaxin community centerin Shunde new city.

Daliang: First floor of Green Apartment Hotel on Dongle Road in Daliang Shunde.

Beijiao: Headquarter building of Midea on the junction of Yihe Road and Yixing Road in Beijiao.



Phone: 0757-23879888

Address: Intersection No.2 of Shunde Longjiang section of 325 national highway and Shunpan Road


Gaoming District 

Gaoming Express line:

Phone: Gaoming 0757-88223488; Shishan 0757-81166987

Address: No. 238 on Taihua Road in Hecheng, Hengwei hotel, Gaoming Foshan.

Stopping point: No.61 of Bo’ai Zhong Road,Huameida Hotel  in Shishan Nanhai, Foshan.

Port:Shunde Harbor


Phone: 0757-22822013

Address: Desheng East Road, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan


Gaoming Harbor

Phone: 0757-88825755

Address: No. 303, Yan Jiang Road, Hecheng, Gaoming District, Foshan