Foshan highlighted subsidies for cross-border e-commerce
2021-08-26 15:59

Foshan, a powerhouse of foreign trade in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, has been taking the lead in growth rate of foreign trade. To stimulate the cross-border export and import, Foshan Bureau of Commerce has rolled out more measures and provided subsidies to foreign traders. 



To sharpen the competitive edges of foreign trade


In recently years, cross-border e-commerce and market purchase trade have been gathering steam. Foshan is planning to provide tailored guidelines and supporting measures to specific corporations headquartered in Foshan, including cross-border e-commerce companieswith an annual trading scale of more than 5 billion yuan, industrial vertical companies with an annual trading volume of more than 2 billion yuan, and cross-border e-commerce companies with actual export volume of more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, the promising ones are expected to receive at least 10 million yuan.


Those companies which have self-built independent website domain name with an annual trading volume of more than 10 million yuan can receive up to 1 million yuan.



To build comprehensive bonded areas


To carve out more ways to tie economic cooperative relation with the rest of the world, Foshan has introduced measures to encourage the establishment of comprehensive bonded area. For instance, the key corporations or those with self-built comprehensive service platform is expected to get 200,000 yuan. Those having founded export platforms in Foshan can apply for the subsidy of up to 1 million yuan.


Since exhibition serves as a huge opportunity to boost trade, Foshan offers up to 100,000 yuan to the exhibitors who attend the major international exhibition abroad.


Nowadays, the global economy and trade is unpredictable. Improving the business environment at port and the capabilities to solve the international trade conflict, therefore, is of great importance. Foshan promises to give 100% expense support to those companies that provide viable measures to the friction.

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