Shunde Hong Mi Chiew: National Geographical Indication Product
2021-10-12 09:40

Most recently, Shunde has been certificated with another National Geographical Indication Product (after "Lunjiao cake" categorized May 2021)- Shunde Hong Mi Chiew, a featured Chinese Baijiu in Foshan, and protective measures have been mapped out since September 29. This marks truly a triumphant moment as it took the local department 8 whole years to apply.  



Self-explanatory as it is, Shunde Hong Mi Chiew, or Shunde Red Rice Wine, uses rice and red rice as its main ingredients, and crystal-clear West River and North River as brewing water source. That is the reason why this years-long liquor differs from other rice wines in China. The certification also stipulates 10 brewing processes and techniques, including steaming, boiling, fermentation, distillation, storage, blending and packaging.


Statistically, the brand has a maximum capacity of 40,000 tons, which creates an annual value of 500 million yuan. With strong protection on a national level, the brewing techniques are expected to be passed on, empowering the brand to expand its marketplace and explore more upstream and downstream industries.



Author | Jersey

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Photo | Zhujiang Bussiness