Guangfo New Channel: from Foshan to Guangzhou, 5 minutes
2021-10-18 10:24

Most recently, Guangzhou's 14th Five-Year Plan for Transportation (hereinafter referred to as 'the Plan') was outlined, as a new channel will be built in Sanshan Gangkou Road in Guicheng that extends north to Yinsha Road in Guanggang New Town, Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as 'Yulan Road-Ganggang Road Channel'). As planned, the construction will last from 2022 to 2026, with a total investment of 8.36 billion yuan. When finished, the project will make it possible to travel from Foshan to Guangzhou in only 5 minutes.



Yulan Road-Ganggang Road Channel


Greater interconnectivity between Guangzhou and Foshan


At the moment, there are still no open direct traffic arteries that connect Guanggang New Town and Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan. If someone wants to commute between the two areas, he has to drive through Huadi Avenue South, Sanshan Avenue and all the way to Guangkou Road. The trip would cost 25 minutes, with a total milage of 11 kilometers.


Changes are taking place as the project was announced. As an important project that links Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan to central Guangzhou and pushes for better integrated growth, Yulan Road-Ganggang Road Channel starts from Yinsha Road in Liwan District, Guangzhou in the north, passes through areas including Guanggang New Town, Yulan Road, Nanjiao Village, Dongping Waterway, Heyang Village in Nanhai and arrives at Gangkou Road in the south. With around 4 kilometers in length, the project includes a 880-meter flyover and a 1.3-kilometer river-crossing tunnel.




Revised design: Yulan Road-Ganggang Road Channel(Guangzhou Section)


Arterial roads with 6 to 8 two-way lanes


As listed on the bidding documents, Yulan Road-Ganggang Road Channel was designed as an urban arterial road, with 6 to 8 two-way lanes. With 50 meters in width of roads, the project allows a designed speed of 50 kilometers per hour. When completed, passengers can go directly from Yinsha Road in Guanggang New Town to Nanhai Area of Sanlongwan within just 5 minutes.


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