Tencent first district-level innovation center opened in Shunde
2021-10-21 09:58

On October 19, China's first district-level Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center was officially opened in Shunde District. A number of ecological partners signed on the spot to reach the intention to enter. 



The successful opening of Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center (Shunde) not only marks the further deepening of the linkage of "Shenzhen Innovation + Shunde Smart Manufacturing", but also means that it helps Shunde take the lead in building experimental zones for reform and innovation for high-quality development. 



New Benchmark: Shenzhen Innovation+Shunde Smart Manufacturing 


Zengfan, Director of administration Committee of Shunde High-tech Zone, indicated that in the next three years, the municipal and district government will invest 5.5 billion yuan to support the digital and intelligent transformation of Shunde manufacturing enterprises.  


Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center (Shunde) will establish the core industry ecological chain through the combination with local characteristic resources. Zeng said that Shunde will provide all-round support and coordinate high-quality resources for the construction of Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center in terms of resources and application scenarios. 



On the scene, Foshan Jishijiao Technology Co., LTD., Chengmu Technology (Zhuhai) Co., LTD., Shenzhen Qianhaiwenzhong Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center (Shunde) signed the agreement of intention to enter. 


Digital Transform of Local Manufacturing Enterprises 


Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center (Shunde) is located in The Machinery and Equipment Industrial Park of Shunde High-tech Zone, mainly recruiting enterprises in the field of digital economy (such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc.).  


Chengke, General Manager of Tencent Yunqi Innovation Center (Shunde), said that Tencent and Shunde Economic Promotion Bureau will provide more than 20 million yuan for special support and talent cultivation every year, to help all walks of life in Shunde achieve digital transformation and upgrading. 


Author | Wingwing (intern) 

Revisor | Eleanor, Jessica 

Photo | Foshan Daily