Life-saving AEDs available all across Guangfo Metro
2021-11-19 09:41

In recent years, cases of cardiac diseases in public areas have been reported in multiple cities, a shared concern that dictates more prompt reaction and professional medical facilities in all possible situations. Now, at all 15 stations on Guangfo Line, AEDs (abbreviation for "Automatic External Defibrillator", "自动体外除颤器") have been put in place for heart-related medical emergency, shaping up a strong backing system that might save millions of lives.



At Xinchengdong Station, the terminal on Guangfo Line, there rests a brightly colored AED at Exit D, with a sign that says "When the door opens, the alarm will ring", allocated by Foshan Medical Emergency Command Center. Covered in plain white, another AED, a donation from Lantai Happiness Cultural Charity Foundation, stands beside the Exit C, printed with a first-aid flow chart.



In 2021, fully funded by the municipal government, Foshan Medical Emergency Command Center has purchased 120 AEDs, reserved for public places with a large flow of population, such as subway stations, high-speed rail stations, light rail stations, bus stations, bus hubs, stadiums, parks and schools.



Later on, the organization will intensify its efforts to organize first-aid training for citizens.


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