Calligraphy givaway heralds strong new year vibe in Foshan
2022-01-11 09:57
On January 8, a public welfare activity to send Spring Festival couplets was held in Guangdong New Shiwan Art Museum. Twelve famous calligraphers from Foshan, including Li Xiaoru, Wang Zhimin and He Zhibin, came to the museum to write the Spring Festival couplets for the citizens, and sent out 200 pairs of couplets and 200 “福” characters (meaning "Happiness"), giving the most sincere wishes to the citizens.


The activity started from 9:30 am and lasted until noon. The citizens were moved by the earnest and professional spirit of the calligraphers. Pairs of couplets and words of blessing brought happiness and peace to the New Year.



"I felt a little tired after writing for hours, but I was happy to introduce the art of calligraphy to more families and sent New Year's blessings to citizens in this way." Vice chairman of Guangdong Calligraphers Association Li Xiaoru said.



"In the past year, everyone's work and life have been affected due to the epidemic. In this context, everyone is more eager for health, safety and auspiciousness. We hope our motherland can overcome difficulties and become prosperous. At this time, it is of special significance for us to send blessings to people in the form of calligraphy." Chairman of Foshan Calligraphers Association Wang Zhimin said.


Relevant person in charge of the activity said that this was the sixth year to hold such event to send Spring Festival couplets. The activity is the combination of calligraphy and folk customs to widely spread excellent traditional culture and art, to let the art of calligraphy enter the life of the citizens in a popular way, and to send New Year wishes to citizens.


Author | Michelle (Intern)

Revisor | Jersey

Photo | Su Wei, Foshan Daily