Groundbreaking! ​Foshan Metro Line 4 sees new progress
2022-01-18 09:27

On January 15, phase I of Foshan Metro Line 4 announced its groundbreaking progress at the Lvdao Lake North Station, which signified an important step for Foshan urban transport development.



According to the preliminary design of the project, the phase I of Foshan Metro Line 4 starts from Beijiang Avenue Station in the west and ends at Gangkou Road Station in the east, with a total length of 55.22km, including underground section of  49.14km, changeover section of 0.82km and the elevated section of 5.26km; There will be a total of 33 stations (30 underground stations and 3 elevated stations). The average station spacing is about 1.71km.



There are 14 transfer stations for Foshan Metro Line 4, among which Zhihui Xincheng Station and Zhangcha Station will transfer with Foshan Metro Line 2, and Foshan West Railway Station and Jihua Liu Road Station will transfer with Foshan Metro Line 3 that is under construction.


As the east-west traffic line runs through the central area in Foshan, Foshan Metro Line 4 will connect Sanshui, Nanhai and Chancheng District, and mainly link key development areas such as Xinan Sub-District in Sanshui, Shishan Sub-Center in Nanhai, Guangdong-Guangxi-Guizhou High-speed Railway Economic Belt, Jihua Road Business Hall and Sanlongwan Innovation Cluster Area.


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