Immerse yourself in Xilong Wetland Park in Guicheng
2022-01-19 09:18

Located on the right bank of Dongping River, Xilong Wetland Park covers an area of about 12.4 hectares. Relying on the river and lake system, it provides waterfront places for fitness, leisure and recreation. It has been built into an experiential wetland park integrating wetland conservation and restoration, science popularization and education, and leisure tourism, forming a river-bank landscape belt with Banyue Island Wetland Park.



The stone-revetted corridor builds the park's shoreline with the existing beach terrain and palm trees and is now an ecological scenic spot for recreation, bird-watching, and scene-watching. Xingu Beach has been ushering in many migratory birds to perch, which becomes a beautiful scene in winter.



Iris was replanted on the ridge of the flower field to create a rustic landscape.





There is also an oar-like bridge in the park connecting the two parks of the south and north. When crossing the bridge, the north Lighthouse will come into your sight, surrounded by all kinds of landscape grass and plants. Strolling through it, you can take photos in all-sided viewing frames and appreciate the graffiti wall, which was converted from the site's flood control sandpit.


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