Foshan Metro Line 2 provides convenience services for Chunyun
2022-01-20 10:03

2022 Spring Festival travel rush has started. Foshan Metro Line 2 and Nanhai Tram Line 1 have recently launched a number of special services to welcome the first Spring Festival travel rush, helping to create a warm and orderly travel season.



In the stations of Foshan Metro Line 2, there are festive music playing, window decorations pasted on the walls, and colorful New Year flowers placed on the service table. “With the Spring Festival travel rush coming, these arrangements are meant to create a Spring Festival atmosphere and enhance passengers' travel experience. Foshan Metro Line 2 also increased the frequency of cleaning in consideration of the increasing passenger flow during the Spring Festival travel rush", said an official.



Flower World Station of Metro Line 2 can provide pruning service especially for passengers who need it, so that passengers can carry New Year flowers on the subway more easily.



Guangzhou South Railway Station on Line 2 has been tailored into a special service station for the Spring Festival travel rush. In order to facilitate the transfer of passengers with large luggage, the station has launched a luggage cart service and provided passengers with railway timetable inquiries. Those who download the Foshan Subway APP for the first time can also get a ticket for the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln at the station.



During the Spring Festival travel rush, passengers are required to wear masks, check their temperature and show their health codes. At present, "Yuekang code" is mainly used for inbound inspection. "Suikang Code" and national health code can also be used for inbound inspection in special cases. The elderly, children and other groups who do not use or do not know how to operate smart phones are allowed to enter the station by means of "Yuekang code" verified by resident ID card or printed "Yuekang code" which can be obtained by guardian.



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