JD(Foshan) Digital and Financial Industry Park opens
2022-01-25 09:25

On January 19, the Smart Manufacturing Transformation Forum and the Opening Ceremony of the JD(Foshan) Digital and Financial Industry Park were held in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan. A large number of projects in industrial teaching operation and digital economic cooperation were signed, bringing more companies into the manufacturing clusters to promote digitalization and intelligentization in Shishan, Nanhai.



In 2020, JD launched its branches and JD smart city (GBA) industry operation center in Nanhai, Foshan to start comprehensive cooperation with industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing. The opening ceremony of the JD(Foshan) digital financial industry park has shown cooperation achievements.


The industrial park will have JD business owners service center, coordinated innovation center, brand marketing service center, and more empowering departments to provide data analysis, e-commerce support, brand promotion, and talents cultivation. This aims to build up the one-stop service for Nanhai Smart Manufacturing, which can get more local companies on board the express of development.


JD.com will play well its leading role in the whole industry and integrate technology, retailing, and logistics to a higher level of development. It aims to promote the local industries to realize digital and smart transition and build a higher ground for the national internet industry.


Nanhai District, the pilot zone of digital and intelligent transition in Foshan, always upholds a positive attitude to embrace the digital economic waves and promote high-quality development in this field. Shishan Town, the manufacturing town of Nanhai, Foshan, has achieved trillion-yuan production volume in five consecutive years. Whether industrial clusters building or all-scale enterprises, Shishan has a large capacity and power to take up the responsibility of digitalization. There is no doubt that the JD(Foshan) Digital and Financial Industry Park launch will further enhance the transition.


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Photo | Peng Yanyan, Pearl River Times