New traffic line to connect Guangzhou and Nanhai
2022-05-13 09:25

On May 11, new progress has been made on the Guangzhou-Foshan Second Expressway. The project, along with its west extension of composite channel, will be renamed as "Guangzhou-Foshan Second Expressway". 


The new channel will help to connect roads and expressways on the bordering areas of the two cities, and the traffic flow from Guangzhou and Foshan will have a quick access to Dali, Shishan and Danzao in Nanhai.  



A greater level of regional integration can now be expected and the western part of the Guangzhou-Foshan area will see greater urban and rural integration. 


Documents released that the new channel, with total length of 33.861 kilometers, has two-way 6 lanes and a designed driving speed of 100 km/h.  


The Guangzhou-Foshan New Traffic Line to be upgraded is a vital communication line in Dali, Nanhai. Running in an east-west direction, the line starts from the intersection of Guangzhou-Foshan Highway in the west and runs through Guangzhou-Foshan Highway and Guijiang Road in the east, and connects with the Guangzhou West Ring Expressway Huangqi entrance. 


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