Foshan local P2P book service platform received global attention
2022-05-19 09:42


In recent years, China has been swept up by a "reading" trend among all generations. Many cities now encourage their citizens to share and exchange their books, which usually have been long tucked inside a corner back home. In Foshan, "Easy Book", a self-developed P2P book service platform, has been launched by the local library, creating a book resource sharing pattern as never seen elsewhere in China.


In the past few days, major media across China and some other western ones, including Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Global Times, China Daily, China News Network, Workers Daily, China Youth Daily and China Art News, highly recognized this ground-breaking exploration by Foshan.


Developed by Foshan City Library, "Easy Book", a mini app on WeChat, works as a P2P network platform for home-collected book sharing. It sets a national record for being the first nonprofitable social platform that collects books from households, keeps archive of public libraries and open book-sharing. As soon as the platform goes online, users are free to feel the joy of knowledge in an eco-friendly way.




When the books are donated, all of them will be going under review, disinfection, packaging and so on, before they reach out to more passionate readers.


For book submission, 4 options are now available for timed lending, random give-away, gifting, and exhibition. As far of this April, the platform has uploaded more than 24,000 books from local households, with more than 6,000 borrowing requests.


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