Shiwan Yubinshao issued with the Certificate Of Origin
2022-06-06 09:18

Recently, Foshan Custom Chancheng Office (hereinafter referred as to "Office") issued the Certificate Of Origin to 17.9 tons of baijiu produced by Guangdong Shiwan Baijiu Group Co., Ltd., for the export to Malaysia. As Dragon Boat Festival is coming, many traditional foods produced in Foshan, like zongzi, baijiu, have exported to the rest of the world. 


Dragon Boat Festival is one of the peak periods for the export of baijiu. Office actively communicates with the company and illustrated the benefits in tariff deduction.  



According to the manager of export department, the company has claimed the certification of origin for 83.5 tons of wines including Shiwan Yubinshao, rose wine, baijiu, etc. Over 74 thousand dollars' worth of products are entitled to the tariff deduction.  


Considered as the economic passport of export products, the Certificate Of Origin is one of the key methods to stabilise the business and expand the market. Since January this year, Office has conducted a serial of public campaign and direct support, providing support to companies for legal deduction in tariffs.  


Apart from that, it also held RCRP online discussion meeting, with over 100 representatives from 85 companies involved.  


From January to May, the number of certifications of original issued has increased gradually. With 14.4 thousand certifications issued, products worth over 627 million dollars are entitled to the tariff deduction, which has increased by 3.7% compared with last year figure. In the future, Office will work closer with Chancheng companies and provide support in expanding the oversea market. 


Author | Eddie 

Revisor | Jersey, Eleanor 

Photo | Nanfang Plus