Foshan GK entered finals of Honor of Kings World Champion Cup
2021-08-24 09:14

On August 21st, the semi-final for Honor of Kings World Champions Cup(2021) was kicked off in a jubilant venue. In an excitingly intense game between Foshan GK and Guangzhou TTG, the two top e-sports teams of their kind in Guangdong Province, has caused times of soaring screams and applauds among the audience.

Honor of Kings World Champions Cup semi-finals (2021) (Photo by Honor of Kings) 


Foshan GK's history-making honor: a golden passport to the final 


Though it was just the semifinal, the game already became phenomenal for the viewers, who were thrilled by how the two teams have tried every trick in their book for the sake of the ticket to the final. Counting on their close teamwork and the most possibly savvy tactics, Foshan GK beat Guangzhou TTG with an overall score of 4:3, striking a new historical height since the birth of the club.  


 Team members cuddled in a circle after winning the semi-final (Photo by Xinlang Sports) 


In addition to justifying their qualification for the final, the win has also guaranteed Foshan GK a seat at the Golden Phoenix Cup, and fundamentally, given proof to all of their hard work along the way.

Foshan GK, as a competitive team on KPL(King Pro League), has kept pushing the envelope and emerged as one of the biggest names on the arena of Honor of Kings. Over the past few years, records have been broken one after another - Best Team of 2017 KPL Spring, the third place at 2018 KPL Spring, previous GK members Lao Shuai (老帅) winning the championship at 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games and the first place at 2019 KPL Spring Regular. 


Photo by 佛山GK 


According to the KPL gaming schedule, the Final for Honor of Kings World Champion Cup will be kicked off on August 28th. Let's cheer it up for Foshan GK and wish they made new history again! 



Foshan e-sports industry: seeded in close cooperation, reaped with strong vitality 


Previously, the home KPL stadium has been confirmed to settle at Guicheng Yingyue Cultural Center in Nanhai, whose roof-sealing was announced on June 11. The main structure is expected to finish within this year and come into service in the spring of 2022. 


Guicheng Yingyue Cultural Center 


Located south of Xiaping East Road and east of Yingyue Lake, the Guicheng-based project will become the largest public cultural facility in Yingyue New Town by the time it is finished. Given a bigger picture, the location also serves as a professional venue for other e-sports events in Foshan.  


New possibilities were bred from the close cooperation between Nanhai Guicheng and Foshan GK. In the coming future, the two parties plan to arrange tons of e-sport events, including home KPL games of Foshan GK, fan meetings, talk shows, and musical performances, with an ambition to fuse e-sport spirits into local urban culture where people are readily accessible to a more diverse recreational life and more pleasant e-sports viewing experience at home. 


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