Shunde Natural Science Museum opens for tourists
2021-08-25 09:58

After a month of high anticipation, Shunde Natural Science Museum in Beijiao Town officially opens. If you want to unveil the mystery of the earth and trace the origin of life, this venue would be a good place to start.



 What to expect? 


As revealed at the opening ceremony held on July 11th, Shunde Natural Science Museum is designed as a comprehensive exhibition hall of collection, display, and science education. It houses more than 3,000 natural specimens that includes a rich collection of fossils and rock/mineral gemstones. On the level of overall design, Shunde Natural Science Museum was built in accordance with top international standards. By introducing the latest exhibition models, tourists are lucky enough to have an immersive and interactive experience during their visits.




How to make an appointment: 


Due to the ongoing pandemic, Shunde Natural Science Museum will practice a strict appointment policy that follows:

1) real-name registration;

2) limit the number of visitors;

3) time-based reservations.


Residents can now follow its Official Wechat Account ("顺德自然科学馆") for free admission.


Author | Jersey

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