Artistic graffiti get on walls in Guicheng
2021-08-31 10:29

Graffiti arts in Guicheng, Foshan keep track of the city's history. Various local elements, like lion dance and Cantonese opera are painted on old buildings, showing cultural vitality and creativity of the people.


Dong'er Community – new perspectives from old stories passed down for ages

The eye-catching graffiti here, inspired by farming history in the village, gives the younger generations an access to the history of their hometown.



Paintings here, creating a jubilant vibe, lodge the best wish for the rosy future of the villages.



Xianan No.1 Community – a poetic life stored in colorful graffiti


In this community, you can get the chance to appreciate the poems and paintings on the walls originally produced by Lingnan literati. 



Incredible visual arts: inspire your creativity


You may not notice that there are tons of creative graffiti in Guicheng. Come and visit the location! 


A giant, chubby blue cat around a street corner


A lovely elephant in Chaji Village


Bruce Lee showing you the real Kungfu in Xianan No.1 Community     


Graffiti of dishes: glut your eyes in most possible ways

Have you ever tried Pingzhou Meat Pies or Leigang Pickles? Come to Xianan No.1 Community to have a look!




With the painting of traditional Cantonese congee and hamburgers, it is definitely a wanted spot for foodies.


Childhood memory shared by Foshan people


Under the Foshan First Ring, the graffiti here may evoke the reminiscence of the local’s childhood.





What are you waiting for? Come to explore the art and creation in Guicheng.  


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