A golden ancient mansion in Shunde | Visit Foshan
2021-10-09 09:26

Among all the ancient buildings in Bijiang Village, Shunde District, Bijiang Mansion, resplendent in gold, is the most reputable one. 



This architecture was a depository of books kept by Family Su. Su Piwen, a retired official of imperial court in the 19th century, renovated the building into a mansion. 



Here, all the doors, screens and carvings made of wood are decorated with gold foils.  



What amazed you are not only the dazzling golden decorations, but the delicate wooden carvings - look around, and you may surprisingly discover that in just a room there hidden a whole lively world of flowers, birds, fish and insects. 




Besides, in this mansion, you can get a close contact to other buildings with local characteristics, like a wall built by oyster shells and wok walls. 



Author | Ivy 

Revisor | Jersey 

Photo | Foshan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Television, Radio, Tourism and Sports