Foshan high-tech products to be launched at the Canton Fair
2021-10-13 09:52

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (the Canton Fair) will be held both offline and online for the first time, and the offline fair will be held from October 15 to 19. This year, 450 Foshan enterprises will join the Canton Fair, occupying 1,507 booths, with the scale of enterprises in the front rank among the prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province.


As a comprehensive international trading exhibition in China with the longest history, largest scale and most product categories, Canton Fair is well known as the barometer of import and export in China.


 Previous photos of Galanz at Canton Fair


Appliance, building material, furniture and lighting equipment made in Foshan have been competitive in market across the world. Many new products of local brands like Midea, Galanz, Chigo, Xinbao, Vanward, Winto and Eagle are to make their debut on the exhibition, which is deemed as a chance to boost sales and develop overseas market.As an "old friend" of the Canton Fair, Galanz's growth in the global market is widely recognized. This year, Galanz’s first space microwave oven in the world cooked meals for astronauts at the Chinese space station. At the Canton Fair, Galanz, as a leading global brand of micro steam baking, will display a DR air fryer microwave oven--a product based on the emerging technological achievements of aerospace microwave oven.



Previous photos of Galanz at Canton Fair


In addition, Galanz and Whirlpool will make their first debut at the Canton Fair. In addition to bringing flagship products, their sub-brands will also respond to the differentiated demand of the global market for the first time.Midea Group will display its various categories of products at the Canton Fair.


Making full use of the advantages of online and offline display, Midea will make online live broadcast in the exhibition hall to better show the applicability of its products.



With the theme of "Unbounded · Minimalism", this year Mona Lisa will display a variety of ceramics plate and slate products with different sizes, texture and functions, among which ceramic plate can achieve the largest size of 3600 × 1800mm and the minimum thickness of 3mm.


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