Pork soaked in liquor? Try this Chinese Baijiu | I'm in Foshan⑦
2021-10-14 16:53

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What's the secret recipe of a 200-year-old distillery in Foshan? The answer will surprise you. 


Today is the Double Ninth Festival, a traditional Chinese festival to honor the elderly. It has the custom of drinking liquor to wish for health and longevity.


Tim used to be a bartender back in England, and has grown strong passion for tasting liquors and making cocktail over the years. As a foreigner who has lived in Foshan for nearly a decade, Tim has heard a lot about the big name of Chentaiji Distillery, and the unqiue pork -soaking technique which he couldn't really believe. To dispel all the confusion, Tim made his first visit to the distillery to find the answers.





On our next episode, Bruno from Germany will be on a trip to the world-renowned Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, where he gets to feel the centuries-old cereramic crafts and leverage his creativity when making a pottery. How does he like about the ceremics town? Will he manage to take home his own espresso cup?

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Presented by Foshanstyle Studio, Foshan News Network

Supervisor: Kevin Yan

Planner: Weirong Zeng, Wanping Chen, Xiaoju Zheng

Director: Jessica Su, Bingyu Hu, Jersey Guo,Eleanor He

Cameramen: Zhiwen Cheng, Bo Yang

Film Cutter: Bingyu Hu

Special acknowledgement to: Shiwan Liquor Distillary Group