Cantonese opera Call of Duty to be premiered
2021-10-19 09:50

Recently, a grandly painted poster was released for a Kung-Fu-themed Cantonese opera, titled Call of Duty, which has been highly anticipated by the audience since a marketing campaign was launched on September 26th.


Official Poster, General Order 


Call of Duty includes touching stories drawn from Cantonese Opera, Foshan martial arts and the stories of local people in Foshan.


As the work gives a deep revolutionary touch during the city’s battle against aggression and imperialism, it easily evokes strong patriotism.




The Cantonese opera was created by the Foshan Cantonese Opera and co-organized by Foshan People's Broadcasting Station. The play integrates local elements such as Cantonese opera, Foshan Kung-Fu, and the revolutionary stories of the Foshan people to show the love of Foshan heroes in their home and country.



It is reported that, in order to present Hongsheng Choy Li Fut Kung Fu in its original flavor, including martial arts with carrying pole, umbrella and bench that have been accumulated from Foshan's folk life for more than 100 years, the Cantonese Theatre hired Choy Li Fut martial art master to teach boxing, showing the essence of Kung-Fu and the spirit of Hongsheng ancestors.


The opera will be premiered on November 11 in Qionghua Theatre.​


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