Foshan brands set new records on Double 11 Shopping Carnival
2021-11-12 09:48

At midnight hours on November 11, Double 11 Shopping Carnival came into a full swing. Millions of livestreaming rooms went madly hectic detailing on their products, checking out inventory and replying to customers. Till 0:45 in the morning, data released by Alibaba, there had been 382 brands that topped a turno​ver of more than 100 million yuan on Tmall, ranging from some international brands like Apple and L'Oreal to numerous household names in China, including ERKE, Huawei, Pechoin and Warrior.


In Foshan, local brands were also living up this celebrated annual event, with millions of employees working overnight for higher sale records.


LINSY FURNITURE: high quality secures record-high sales


About six months before the Double 11 Carnival, LINSY FURNITURE has started preparations on market research and launched 477 new products - coaches, wooden cabinets, beds and other categories, with great durability, designs and fair prices.



The long-awaited night came on November 10th, all employees buckled up for one last battle.


In its "Higher Speed of Discount" livestreaming room on November 10th, LINSY FURNITURE delivered its strong commitment to its consumers 10,000 half-price coupons, 200 iPhone13 giveaways, unlimited 20% discount and so on.



This year, hard work continued to pay off. LINSY FURNITURE hit one-million sales in just 1 minute and 47 seconds for the second round of sale campaign on Tmall, making it the champion again among all residential furniture brands.



Transaction data kept soaring up on the screen at LINSY FURNITURE. Screaming and applause were echoing for minutes in its headquarter building. Unarguably, LINSY FURNITURE's success reflected the corporate integrity that Foshan enterprises champion from front to back.



Jiuding Group: passion allows better corporate performance


November 10th was a sleepless night for Jiuding Group, a local e-commerce company in Shunde, probably a night for all employees to write miracle only once in a year.



For the Double 11 this year, printed-up signs and slogans were lined up all over the places at brightly lit-up Jiuding Group, as to motivate the staff to strike more order records - "The more we stumble and fight, the braver we are" (“越战越勇,越挫越强。不放弃,不抛弃”), "Orders make you feel good, but more orders can make you feel better" (“爆单,很爽,一直爆单,一直爽”) and so on.



Strong cohesion was and will forever be the key to the company's success - live streamers articulating products and sale campaigns, customer services ran nonstop in front of their computer screens. As data showed, Jiuding Group scaled higher sale records than it expected.


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