5 Foshan companies aim for Beijing Stock Exchange
2021-11-18 10:47

The newly-established Beijing Stock Exchange (BSE) started trading on November 15. Foshan Municipal Financial Bureau revealed that Foshan has included the promotion of companies’ landing on the Beijing Stock Exchange into the overall plan and five Foshan companies have been working on coming into the market. It’s reported that the maximum reward amount will be 1 million yuan for Foshan enterprises listed on Beijing Exchange Stock.

Having a large number of leading enterprises in subdivided industries, Foshan is a large manufacturing city dominated by traditional industries. "As an important part in the multi-level capital market, Beijing Stock Exchange's focus in specialized new service enterprises is well in line with the characteristics of Foshan enterprises.” 


In fact, Foshan has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Stock Exchange in earlier time, and now it’s an important issue for promoting landing on the market. 


"Driven by the policy interpretation and considerable services, five enterprises in Foshan have started the work on entering the market, and it is expected that the first listed enterprise on the Beijing Stock Exchange will be born next year." Related responsible person from Foshan Municipal Financial Bureau introduced. 


It is of vital importance in creating a multi-level capital market, improving financial support for Foshan SMEs, as well as promoting innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading. 


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