Foshan: National Innovation City
2022-01-17 09:14

According to Foshan Technology Bureau (FSTB), the achievements of innovation city building in Foshan have officially been recognized, meaning that 8 years of effort has paid off. Foshan now has a new brand called the National Innovation City.


Recently, evaluations of technology transformation achievements and regional innovation of Foshan and Dongguan have been passed, marking the success of establishing an innovation city. Now, two more national innovative cities of Guangdong are added to the list.


Jihua Laboratory


Innovation city, mainly driven by technology innovation development, has been working as a great support of the national development and has become one of the crucial brands in technology field. Guangzhou and Shenzhen set two examples for other cities in Guangdong before then.


In 2018, Foshan was approved to build as the national innovation city and accelerate innovation development in technology fields. After three years of efforts, investment of innovation and the proportion of R&D in the regional GDP are higher. The fiscal expenditure of 2020 was 10.2 billion yuan, accounting for 10.2% of the public spending. 5,718 high-tech enterprises in 2020, accounting for 74% of industrial enterprises, showed an unexpected increase. In the same year, the authorized patents and inventions rights increased by 44.8% and 11.7% respectively, compared with 2018. The contribution rate of technology development is expected to reach 60%.


It never comes to an end in building the national innovation city. Innovation is the primary force guiding Foshan's development. As the only national pilot city of manufacturing transformation, Foshan needs to realize high-level innovation achievements. The honor will lead Foshan to adhere to the implementation of developmental ideologies and construct a new and high-quality development, which will further promote its innovation in all industries.


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