Six places to enjoy taxodium distichum in Foshan
2022-01-19 09:11

Every winter is the best time for appreciating taxodium distichum. Where there are taxodium distichum, there seems to be a fairy tale world. Come with us to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Foshan.


Asian Art Park


Taxodium distichum glorified the lake in Asian Art Park with a touch of red. Who could refuse to take a nice photo here?


(Photo by Rong Zhuhua)


Qiandeng Lake


In the northern area of Qiandeng Lake Park Phase III, the taxodium distichum and the pavilions enhance each other's beauty.



(Photo by Rong Zhuhua)


Foshan New City


In Foshan Park next to the Century Lotus Stadium, a row of taxodium distichum is fascinating. The park is beautiful and spacious at the same time, making it a great place to spend a day with family and friends.


(Photo by Mei Yushan)


Shunfeng Mountain Park


The tall and straight taxodium distichum adjacent to Qinglong Pavilion became a beautiful scenery line.



Lunjiao, Shunde


The river network in Lunjiao is well developed. Looking across the river from the embankment, there are tall taxodium distichums along the road, which look like an oil painting.



(Photo by Mei Yushan)


Sanshui Forest Park


Go for a walk along the south lake trail in the park to see the brilliant taxodium distichum and experience the unique romance of winter.



(Photo by Lin Weijian)


Author | Michelle (Intern)

Revisor | Jessica