Pre-made food, new fashion to pass down Cantonese delicacy
2022-04-06 09:15

Wanna have Cantonese cuisines at home but do not have the recipe? Here comes the pre-made Cantonese food! No matter where you are on the globe, now you are lucky enough to have the most authentic Cantonese dishes produced in Shunde – the City of Gastronomy listed by UNESCO. The pre-made Cantonese dishes, like Sour Pig's Knuckles, Radish Beef Offal and Shunde Fish Soup, can be served on table in less than half an hour after heating or simple processing.


Pre-made dishes are already in store in China - supermarket like RT-MART, LOTUS and CR Vanguard. Customers are free to take home any kinds of gourmet food they like for taste bud's pleasures. Very soon, the producers will extend their business into the global market and by then, Cantonese food can be shared by the  rest of the world - maybe in a home party, instead of merely restaurants in the Chinatown.


Take Yijia Food Science Co.Ltd for an example. The local company has produced over 200 kinds of pre-made food and about 20 of them are popular on the market.



To improve the efficiency, ingredient preparation and packing are done by robot machine, while the cooking part is done by seasoned chefs so that the quality can be ensured.


Most recently, People's Government of Guangdong Province has given strong supports to pre-made food industry by issuing a list of supporting measures.



The list includes virtually all sections of this emerging industry, ranging from R&D, food safety supervision, marketing, talent, financial support, shipping and so on.


For the promising industry, government’s full support is a shot in arm, and we, as the customers, get more chances to try out delicious Cantonese classics at home.


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