Lubao Town, with over 10 billion yuan, ready to take off
2022-05-31 11:05

On May 29, ground-breaking ceremony was started for Lubao Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to Lubao Park), which is included in the blueprint of Northern Foshan Strategic New Industrial Park. 7 major projects, with total investment of over 10 billion yuan, entered into partnership with Lubao Park on the spot.


Lubao Park, covering 2.53 square kilometers now, is planned to expand to 10.8 square kilometers in the long run. As the emerging economic powerhouse in Sanshui District, Foshan, the park is expected to pool up all the premium resources to support the industrial growth.


Notably, Lubao Park is also home to projects from tertiary industry.

With the long history and bountiful tourist resources it has, Lubao sees tourism and infrastructure as the important engines. The local government has attached great important to them as the total investment of 500 million yuan is to be put in at the first phrase.


Projects signed up and investment 


Dima Intelligent Equipment - 2.5 billion yuan 


Foshan Dima Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. intends to invest 2.5 billion yuan to set up a headquarter for special robots. The plot of land, covering 200,000 square meters, includes R&D center, factory and production base.


Powerex - 300 million yuan 

Guangdong Powerex New Energy Technology Co., Ltd plans to build a R&D base to produce core components for new energy, like energy-storage system, photovoltaic inverter and charging pile, so as to form a cluster for photovoltaic and energy storage industries.

Keda Equipment Manufacturing - 1.62 billion yuan 


The smart park to be build by Keda Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, aiming to be the top on national list, is featured with digitization, high-end internalization and high-technology.

Bailima Smart Household Appliance - 1 billion yuan 


The R&D factory of Guangdong Bailima Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd, covering 47,000 square meters, is built for upgrading the functions of products from safety, energy consumption, soundproof and thermal stability.


Lidun Sanitary Products - 2 million yuan 

Guangzhou Wuyang Cosmetics Co., Ltd, setting up its manufacturing headquarter in Lubao Park, sets the goal of being the largest sanitary producer in China and publicly traded company.


Huina Intelligent Electronic Industry Project - 1.5 billion yuan 


With a land of 287,000 square meters, Shenzhen Huina Fortune Co., Ltd seeks to be a complex that including 60 comprises, driving the growth of equipment manufacturing, Internet of Things, digital economy and R&D of electronic information.

Lubao Creative and Cultural Park - 20 million yuan 


The park, covering 12,000 square meters, is renovated from old barns. It will offer such services as art education, business conversation and accommodation for tourists.


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