Uplift your athletic genes at this new venue in Foshan
2022-06-07 09:50

On June 5th, Quanhuihang Gymnasium, located inside the Hantian Science and Technology City in Guicheng, Nanhai, opens up for service. It made new records in the history of sports venues in Foshan, as the first gymnasium in Foshan.  


Overall, the venue covers a floor area of 3500㎡ and provides tailored training for three major sports events, namely, fencing, basketball and physical fitness.  



On the design level, the venue serves as a place for kids to lift up their athletic genes as they learn these intriguing sports events. 


Quanhuihang Gymnasium was built with 12 fencing tracks, 2 basketball courts, 1 physical fitness room for children and a lot more facilities. 


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