Govt takes steps to save tourism as summer peak season nears
2022-06-30 11:22
On Wednesday, the nation removed the cautionary asterisks marking all travel codes to alleviate restrictions on domestic travel, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
The cancellation is aimed at improving the efficiency of the nation's COVID-19 epidemic control and prevention work, and boosting socioeconomic recovery, the ministry said. Previously, travel codes carried an asterisk that indicated when a person had visited a city or prefecture with a medium or high risk of infection in the past 14 days, thus restricting their travel across the country.
The removal soon spurred a surge in both online searches and travel bookings by people who were previously worrying about inconvenience or possible quarantine caused by an asterisk on their travel codes.
The latest figures by Qunar, an online travel agency, show that in only half an hour after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's announcement was published online, page views for international flights on its platform doubled, reaching a peak over the past two years.
Searches for domestic flights rose by 60 percent in 30 minutes after the news, and searches for domestic hotels doubled in the same period.