These two places in Foshan rated as national night-time tourist spot
2022-08-28 17:11

On August 25, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced the second round of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of the second batch of National-level Night-time Cultural and Tourism Consumption Zone.



What are the highlights in these two places? What are they in store for tourists. Let's a look.


Qiandeng Lake Area


As the night falls, the lights are on. Brilliant as the lights are, Qiandeng Lake turns into a huge floor of flourscence.

Lights flicker in the air. You can see a perfect harmony of mountain, water and the skyscape.



OCT Harbor Plus


Been run for two and a half years, OCT Harbor Plus in Shunde has welcomed over 24 million tourists, as it is home to shopping blocks, theme parks, cultural experience and an ecological wetland.



Crowned as "Shunde Eye", a ferris wheel is a place where you overlook the whole city.



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