​Sanshui "La Liga" led a football craze in Foshan
2022-08-31 10:35

On August 27th, the 16th Sanshui Football League Championship has gone phenomenal, when the whole crowd screamed and shouted all the way through as the game proceeded. The game went crazy as the two teams gave out the best.


At last, Defulai Silk Team defeated Xilong Long at 2-0. The crazy crowd and the spectacular game were even covered on national television. As a 11-man amateur football competition in Guangdong, the game is annually held in Xinan District, Sanshui, and represents the highest level of football game locally. People would normally name it Sanshui "La Liga", based on the similar pronunciation of the sponsor.



Fundementally, Sanshui has again polised up its image as a major football hub for training and game, which well combines its football industry with culture, tourism, and food.




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