Discover Hong Kong in Foshan 在佛山,发现香港

Foshan China


Do you know there is a “small Hong Kong” in Foshan? Foshan and Hong Kong have been as close as families all the time. Since Hong Kong returned to China, there have been more communication and cooperation between Hong Kong and Foshan. You can discover "Hong Kong" in Foshan! Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong, let us have a look at these pictures:


Lan Kwai Fong-Lingnan Tiandi




When talking of the night life in Hong Kong, people will quickly think of Lan Kwai Fong. All kinds of bars and restaurants are gathered in this street with a strong western style, which is popular among young people, foreigners and visitors.



In Foshan, there is also a wonderful place for entertainment. Lingnan Tiandi combines Lingnan culture and modern elements. There are lots of featured restaurants and shops. When the night comes, many foreigners also like to go there and enjoy the sleepless charm of Foshan.
Mong Kok-Zumiao




Hong Kong is a world-class shopping paradise and Mong Kok is the most popular spot with a strong flow of people. Many shops and restaurants open all night long. The area is packed with banks and commercial halls while the stores are small and exquisite. The Nathan Road is the essence of Mong Kok.


On weekends and holidays, the Zumiao Road in Foshan is also full of people. It can satisfy various needs for gourmet, entertainment and shopping. From local snacks to international brands, all kinds of goods can be found here, which makes it the No.1 choice for local residents to spend their leisure time.
Lantau Island-Xiqiao Mountain




As the biggest island in Hong Kong, Lantau Island has a lot of tourist spots including Po Lin Temple, Tai O, Tian Tan Buddha, etc. Many Hong Kong people like hiking at Lantau Island on weekends or during holidays.





Xiqiao Mountain is a place as beautiful as Lantau Island. As one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong, Xiqiao Mountain has a long history and rich natural and human resources. The Nanhai Kwan-Yin on the top of it is the highest Kwan-Yin sitting statue in the world.
Lamma Island-Haishou Island




Located in the southwest of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island is the third biggest island in Hong Kong. The integration of Chinese and western culture, fresh air, beautiful island scenery and delicious seafood have attracted many visitors.


Haishou Island in Nanhai Jiujiang is a prolate island in the West River. The people are unsophisticated and honest. The scenery is as idyllic and pastoral as a poem.
Central District-Financial High-tech Zone


The Central District is the political and commercial center of Hong Kong, where many banks, transnational financial institutions and foreign consulates settle and high-end talents gather.




Embracing the “land of treasure” of Qiandenghu Lake, Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone has attracted more than 300 financial institutions and famous enterprises home and abroad to settle. The total investment amount has exceeded 60.5 billion yuan($8.79bn), covering multiple financial activities.
Hong Kong TVB Television City- National Arts Studios




Most of the TVB soap operas we have watched since childhood are shot in Hong Kong TVB Television City. Standing in front of the gate tower in the ancient costume street that built in the style of ancient capital, one feels like traveling to the ancient times.


National Arts Studios in Xiqiao Mountain is the first comprehensive project in the world that integrates film and television, tourism, relaxation and religion. There are ancient palaces, Shanghai Street, Hong Kong Street and other scenes. Many well-known films and televisions are shot here.


Since the return of Hong Kong, communication and exchange between the two cities get closer. In March this year, a team made of Hong Kong and Macao youth took part in the Foshan 50-km Hike and measured the city with their footsteps! The well-organized “Sanshan Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Entrepreneur Community” has attracted many high-end talents from Hong Kong and Macao, including the innovative team from Chinese University of Hong Kong with a future robot project.





Transportation is getting more convenient. People can go to Shenzhen by bullet trains from Foshan West Railway Station soon. And in the near future, an intercity train between Hong Kong and Foshan West Railway Station may be launched, truly realizing “seamless connection”!

With a strong attachment to mainland China, many Hong Kong entrepreneurs donate to build schools in Foshan, promoting education development. There are more than ten Hong Kong funded schools in Shunde, such as Shunde Li Zhao Ji Middle School, Shunde Liangqiuju Vocational and Technical School, Liang Zhao Lin Memorial Primary School, etc.




Being a part of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Foshan and Hong Kong always hold hands to promote prosperity. With its tolerance, openness and innovative impetus, the Greater Bay Area gathers resources together and creates multi-win prospect. In the future, Foshan and Hong Kong will go further side by side!