Creative vending machine prints short stories to read while you wait短篇小说售卖机让等待变得不再无聊

Recently, inventive vending machines have been popping up around France. Instead of dispensing sweet treats or sugary drinks, however, these kiosks distribute short stories. Created by literature-loving company Short Édition, these savvy stalls promise to help pass the time, whether you're waiting at the airport, stuck at the train station, or even accompanying your significant other on a particularly trying trip to the mall.

最近,一种创意售货机在法国遍地开花。不过,这种售货机贩卖的不是糖果或甜饮料,而是短篇小说。短篇小说售卖机由热爱文学的Short Édition公司发明,该公司承诺这种智能售货机能帮你打发时间,无论你是在机场候机,在火车站停留,还是陪你的另一半辛苦地逛商场。



Sleek in design and minimal in effort, each vending machine offers an appealing way for commuters and customers to kill time. To use the innovative inventions, simply choose your desired reading time: 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes. Then, the machine will surprise you with a randomly-selected short story to occupy your time and make waiting around a bit more bearable—if at least for a couple of minutes!



The “Short Story Dispenser” first debuted at Paris' bustling Charles de Gaulle Airport last year. Since then, the popular machines have been installed in various public places across the country. If you'd like to learn more about the locations of these lovely literary oases, check out the Short Édition website.

短篇小说售卖机去年在巴黎熙熙攘攘的戴高乐机场首次亮相。自那以后,这种广受欢迎的机器就被安装在法国各地的多个公共场所。如果你想知道这些可爱的文学绿洲都分布在哪,可以上Short Édition公司的官网查看。


Short Édition, an innovative library of short literature, has installed unique vending machines that print out short stories.

Short Édition公司是一家专供短篇文学作品的创意图书馆,该公司安装了这些可打印短篇小说的独特售卖机。


Using each “Short Story Dispenser” is simple. All you have to do is choose the duration of time you'd like to spend reading.



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