First-class universities in Foshan 佛山高颜值一流大学来啦!

Foshan China

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In this September, the North Campus of Foshan University which is located in Shishan will officially welcome freshmen on Sept. 16.



the North Campus of Foshan University



Have you ever noticed a ranking over the Internet that tells ten cities in China with a lack of universities? A bit confusing but still understanding, Foshan ranks the first in the ranking…..



In the past days, lots of Foshan parents would expect their children to enter the universities in Guangzhou, which would not only ensure a higher education but also let children stay close to them.



As for this, there is a piece of good news! In Foshan, students can enjoy first-class higher education in the future. Why? It’s because Foshan has already announced the high-end higher education route!



Three Steps of Higher Education Route


佛山科学技术学院 Foshan University



Foshan University originates from Foshan Normal Specialized Postsecondary College and South China Agriculture (Foshan) School from 1958.



Foshan University attaches importance to international cooperation and exchange. It also has established relationships with universities in more than 20 nations and regions, including America, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Mozambique, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc. Foshan University keeps doing long-term academic exchange, R&D cooperation and student co-cultivation with the universities in aforementioned nations and regions.



Common Teaching Area



Library & Info Center


Foshan Straight-A students in Beijing gave advice on building first-class universities



Early in March this year, we’ve interviewed a few Foshan straight-A students who were studying in first-class universities in Beijing. As for them, how far does Foshan University away from being a first-class university?


王天元 中国政法大学佛山籍学生

Wang Tianyuan, a Foshan student studying in China University of Political Science and Law




Foshan should give full play to the advantages as a powerful manufacturing city, with impressive craftsmen’s spirit and the remarkable achievement of supply-side structural reform in Foshan. It is necessary to combine the industry, university and research together, bringing the industrial innovation to the campus and offering high-level talents who can satisfy the market demand for private enterprises.


岑育朗 北京大学佛山籍学生
Cen Yulang, a Foshan student studying in Peking University


I have experienced the study in both Foshan and Beijing, and I found that in south, the opportunities for foreign exchanges in schools were relatively fewer than those of the schools in north. I hope Foshan University can hold more academic communication meetings and cooperation projects with other better universities to co-cultivate students.



There is still a long way to go for Foshan’s higher education. However, it is believed that there will be more and more Foshan straight-A students who are willing to stay in Foshan in the future. And Foshan will attract more and more straight-A students from all over the nation to come here for higher education!