Island trip for holidays! 假期去哪儿?佛山赏岛攻略请收好

Foshan China


The weather is getting cooler as the Autumnal Equinox is coming soon. Foshan is known as Lingnan waterside village, which is covered with rivers. There are many tranquil islands. Ferries carry villagers and tourists to and from. Go to these islands by boats and enjoy a cool autumn trip at weekends!


海寿岛  Haishou Island



Located in the West River and known as “NanhaiSmall Penglai (fairy isle)”, Haishou Island is the epitome of attractive fishing scenery in Nanhai, which makes it the best choice for an one-day trip!


Reaching the island, walking or riding along a boulevard, tourists can experience a rustic life described in Peach Blossom Spring. People will feel very relaxed if they spend a day on such a refreshing natural island.


After walking, tourists can have a rest inall kinds of rural restaurants by the riverside. It is a wonderful experienceto enjoy beautiful sunset view by the river while tasting fresh seafood caughtby fishermen.


旅客指引 Tourist guide


Walking: There is no specific walking route.Tourists can walk around the peripheral bank or wander across lanes invillages.



Riding: There is a round island route about7 kilometers long, which is as flat as playground. It takes about 40 minutes toride a round. Tourists can rent public bikes on the island (free for the firsthour,1 yuan per hour afterwards, 200 yuan for deposit) . There are alsotwo-people and four-people bicycles for rent that cost 40-80 yuan per hour.


平沙岛  Pingsha Island



Pingsha Island of Xiqiao Town sits in themiddle of a river. Compared with the fishing scenery of Haishou Island inJiujiang Town, it has a pastoral style. Walking on the straight boulevard withbreeze is very relaxing. Riding a bike around the island will make a fun trip!


Besides the signature cuisine stewedchicken with buffalo milk, there are many different kinds of fruits in PingshaIsland, such as fig, blueberry, grape, fragrant lemon, dragon fruit, etc. Whenthe fruiting season comes, the island is full of the fragrance of fruits.

旅客指引 Tourist guide


There are two-people andfour-people bicycles and electric mobile for rent, costing 20-60 yuan per dayand needing 100 yuan for deposit.


三山岛 Sanshan Island


Near the downtown of Nanhai, there is anisland surrounded by water called Sanshan, Pingzhou. It is in the middle ofNanhai, Panyu and Shunde with Dongping River and Lu Wei Qiao River runningthrough it. Since ancient times, the Dan Jia people here have been living inboats and living on fishing, creating a unique culture.



If riding along the greenway, tourists cansee the island decorated with both dark and light green. The scenery on the boundof Sanshan, Pingzhou is especially beautiful and the air is fresh.



The northern fishing village on the islandis the last “fishermen’s village” in Nanhai, where many fishermen live onfishing reside. If you are lucky, you can buy fishes and shrimps freshly caughtby fishermen. Come and feel the simple and peaceful life of Dan Jia family.


贤鲁岛 Xianlu Island



Xianlu Island of Lishui is an offshoreisland at the northeast of Nanhai. Without industrial and mining enterprises,blue sky and white cloudhere that is rare to a city. If you always want to finda pure land, relax yourself and enjoy a carefree slow life in your leisuretime, this is the best choice!


Except for beautiful scenery, therefreshing and sweet fruits on Xianlu Island are appealing. The figs look likered and yellow “sugar dumplings” hanging on the branch with unique fragrance,which are quite adorable. The red-pulp dragon fruits are fresh and juicy, whichare both tasty and healthy.


金沙岛 Jinsha Island



Surrounded by the North River and NanshaRiver, Jinsha Island of Danzao looks like a crescent moon from above and thusis also called as Moon Island. The bank line is 42.3 kilometers long and thegreenway is over 10 kilometers long.


The island is rich in natural ecologicalresources, including natural scenery of the North River like wetlands andmudflats, which attract many riders. Slowly riding along the round islandgreenway gives you a panoramic view of the beauty ofnature.


During the holiday, you can also takechildren to have a picnic, go fishing, racing karts...... A fun weekend on theisland!