Over 100 contemporary artistic works exhibited on Shunde Biennial
2020-09-16 17:29
On September 12th, the 2020 Shunde Biennial kicked off in Duende Contemporary Art Museum, exhibiting over 100 artistic works from over 80 famous artists in China through six major sections in succession.
A “new cover” of an international city
Biennial is the highest-level exhibition of international contemporary visual art and an important window to present new artistic achievements of different countries. It has become a “new cover” of a city to demonstrate its modernization and international comprehensive strength, whose importance is equivalent to the Olympic Games in sports industry, or the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival in film industry.
Shunde, the leader of county economy in China, has shown the speed and passion of “being the global pioneer” in the field of contemporary art.
More than 80 artists attended the first Shunde Biennial lasting until January 30th, 2021 with over 100 artistic works.
The Shunde Biennial this year with the theme of “historical scenes”, on the one hand, hopes to present the city’s long-standing culture in the form of contemporary art; on the other, 2020 will become an important part in the history witnessed by everyone.
Feng Hui, Chairman and General Manager of Shunde Overseas Chinese Towns (hereinafter referred to as OCT), said that apart from cultivating traditional culture such as Lingnan culture, food culture, and dragon boat culture, OCT has also actively introduced contemporary art outside Shunde. The integration of traditional culture and contemporary art can not only coruscate new vitality of Shunde’s traditional cultural elements, but also make contemporary art more approachable.
Six major sections present diversified and open artistic atmosphere
Due to the prominence of contemporary art, the first Shunde Biennial not only adopted different forms from the traditional exhibition curating, but also emphasized the “local” presentation.
Bruce Lee by Wu Gaozhong
The first Shunde Biennial divided into six major sections will invite various institutes and curators in China to comprehensively present diversified, open, free, and conversational artistic atmosphere.
Among the six major sections, there are art presentations in the museums and galleries invested and operated by OCT; public art at the foot of Shunfeng Mountain, a national wetland park; and the new exhibition mode in the OCT Harbour Commercial Plaza aiming to guide local residents and non-local tourists to find, explore and rediscover the charm of Shunde through traditional culture and urban consensus.
Chaos Celebration by Gao Ming