More roads planned to connect Guangzhou and Foshan
2021-01-19 16:13

On January 11, the new road connection planning of Guangzhou and Foshan was released, which has planned 80 connecting roads along the boundary between Guangzhou and Foshan. In the future, people can travel between central areas of the two cities within 30 minutes, and key areas and major hubs within 60 minutes, which will promote the comprehensive interconnection and in-depth integration of the road infrastructure of Guangzhou and Foshan, and help realize the complete co-urbanization of Guangzhou and Foshan.


Current situation: 28 connecting roads have been built 


Earlier in 2006, the planning departments of Guangzhou and Foshan jointly issued the Connection Plan of the Road System in Guangzhou and Foshan, planning 55 connecting roads. At present, 28 connecting roads have been built and 6 are under construction.


At present, the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolis circle has been basically formed. In 2019, the passenger flow between Guangzhou and Foshan was 1.76 million people per day, accounting for 44% of Guangzhou outbound travelers and 56% of Foshan outbound travelers, which takes up the largest proportion among the cities in the Greater Bay Area. The total commuting population reaches 340,000 with outstanding two-way commuting characteristics.


Planning: 80 connecting roads are planned along the boundary


An integrated backbone network of the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolis circle is planned, with a total of 80 connecting roads along the boundary of 197 kilometers, which is 25 more than that of the last planning. It also proposes to promote the construction and speed up the preliminary research of 31 joint construction projects from 2020 to 2025.


In terms of spatial distribution, a total of 20 roads are planned in the northern region (north of the third phase of Huanan Road), 40 in the central region (the third phase of Huanan Road and Guangzhou-Gaoming Expressway) and 20 in the southern region (south of Guangzhou-Gaoming Expressway).


Integration: build a comprehensive co-urbanized road network


It is planned to build 24 radiation channels directly connected to the Greater Bay Area and radiating the northwest of Guangdong with Guangzhou and Foshan as the pole, strengthen the rapid connection between Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and the Pearl River Delta Hub Airport and Shenzhen Baoan Airport, link up 40 roads between the downtown areas of the two cities, strengthen the expressways in the peripheral areas and add 7 parallel shunt channels.


In addition, this planning focuses on building a multi-level road network, including travel, commuting, industrial transport and daily distribution. Among them, the integration of secondary road network in key urban areas such as Jinshazhou area will be strengthened, and 60 connecting roads are planned in the pilot zone.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Guangzhou and Foshan are also strengthening the interconnection of railway transportation, with 18 subway lines planned for connection. In the future, with other railway transportation such as inter-city railways and high-speed railways, there will be 27 railway lines between Guangzhou and Foshan.