Wenhua Park lighted up the night sky of Foshan
2021-01-25 15:21

On the evening of January 24, the southern area of Wenhua Park, which covers an area of 110,000 square meters, officially lighted up. After several months of upgrading construction, a park with more exquisite landscape, more comfortable environment, more complete functions and more advanced technologies is presented.



In the southern area of Wenhua Park, a number of featured landscapes are unveiled, which has attracted many citizens to visit and experience. The most outstanding feature of the park design is the continuous undulating landscape space created by making use of terrain and waterscape, along with the north-to-south landscape system composed of the main nodes of "two rings and eight groups".



The 256-meter-long ring-shaped aerial walkway, one of the "two rings" featured landscapes, is twisted up and down in the shape of a ring, implying the road of love. In addition to the simple and exquisite shape, the walkway also highlights the landscape function, with the highest viewing platform of 9 meters, overhead on the artificial lake, where you can appreciate the panoramic view of the park.


Another important "ring" of the park is the 400-meter-long intelligent running track applying new technologies. For instance, a large visual interactive screen of about 100 meters has been set up, on which an action image of 1:1 will be generated if someone runs past, like a virtual companion.


In addition, a series of diversified facilities have been built to upgrade the functions of the park to meet the needs of citizens. Buildings around the park have also upgraded light engineering projects, which is linked with the landscape in the park to present a better night view of the city.



At present, the southern area of Wenhua Park is open to the public, while the remaining parts such as the lighting and music fountain will be completed soon. The relevant person in charge said that the landscape and function of the city will be continuously improved in accordance with the requirements of high-standard construction and high-quality management.



Photo via Foshan Daily