Foshan is home to another world’s top 500 company in new-energy automobile industry
2021-02-05 15:00

On February 2, Foshan Municipal People’s Government, along with Nanhai District People’s Government, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Foshan Xianhu Laboratory. The four-party agreement enables a strong union in the fields of intelligent networked vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to reach the commanding height of the industry in coming years.



On February 2, the four-party strategic cooperation agreement was signed (Photo by Foshan Daily reporter Mo Xuan)


Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. is known as one of the world’s top 500 enterprises that takes the lead in new-energy vehicle research, development and manufacturing. As of 2020, the company has registered sales of over 3.45 million vehicles.


The main key points included in the agreement are as follow,

1)the four parties will follow a principle of “resource sharing, complementarity, win-win cooperation and mutual growth”;

2) the cooperation will be focusing on manufacturing intelligent networked vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and other new-energy vehicles.


The cooperation is concluded thanks to Foshan’s favorable conditions. Foshan is home to one of the best industrial chains of hydrogen energy, along with Xianhu Laboratory’s solid R&D capacities and a strong talent pool in hydrogen energy and fuel cell. Dongfeng made use of the fine ecosystem that well integrates manufacturers, universities and research institutes.


Zhu Wei, Mayor of Foshan, added that with this agreement signed, the city continues to follow the trends of electrification, intelligence, connectivity, and sharing in auto industry and rely on the strong industrial basis in order to level up its global influence in advanced manufacturing.


Author | Jersey

Photo | Mo Xuan, Foshan Daily