China's first intelligent energy demonstration community in Danzao, Nanhai
2021-02-05 15:23
Tokyo Olympic Games Athlete Village, which is newly constructed, adopted hydrogen energy for community construction. The community depends on the city's natural gas network and hydrogen fuel cell technology to ensure cooling, heating and powering for each household.
Luckily, such technology is expected to be industrialized and applied in Nanhai District, Foshan.
On February 1, the People's Government of Nanhai District, Zhongke Rungu Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Zhongke Rungu Aerospace Hydrogen Energy System (Taian) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to promote the China-Japan-South Korea Intelligent Energy Industry Base Project located in Nanhai, Foshan.
Under the witness of Deputy Mayor Xu Guo and others, Head of Nanhai District Government Gu Yaohui signed the contract with the two enterprises. /Photo by Foshan Daily Wu Rong

Reportedly, apart from industrializing fuel cell distributed facilities co-powered by heat and electricity, the company involved in this contract will also launch China’s first "hydrogen energy in households" intelligent energy demonstration community. As such, Xianhu Hydrogen Valley in Nanhai will be empowered with more hydrogen applications and hydrogen will be more well applied in our society.
As planned, 8 billion yuan will be invested in this project, which is divided into two phases. The project gains experience on secure practice in the intelligent energy for one million households for more than a decade from strong industry players such as Osaka Gas from Japan and DOOSAN from South Korea. Compared to the existing options, the project can reduce carbon emissions by about 50% and costs by 45%.
By signing this project, Nanhai strives to move further in energy supply-side structural reform, and sets its sight on creating a diversified hydrogen energy application system. It also make new progress in conducting international cooperation in energy production and application.
Author| Jersey
Source| Foshan Daily