Poly signed a cooperation agreement in Sanlongwan with LUQOM Group.
2021-02-05 18:48

On the afternoon of February 3, LUQOM Group (hereinafter referred as “LUQOM”) from Germany and Poly Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Shunde, Foshan) signed a cooperation agreement. LUQOM has now become a member in office at the Poly Center of Foshan Sanlongwan High-end Innovation Cluster (abbreviated as "Sanlongwan"). This marks another milestone in Sanlongwan’s cooperation with Germany and Europe. With this project, the city hopes to push for its high-quality economic growth, contributing to a new epic chapter during the 14th Five-Year Plan.



Headquartered in Germany, LUQOM Group is Europe's largest online retailer that offers a vertically integrated service in lighting products. Focusing on its self-developed products along with third-party ones, LUQOM operates on online stores in 17 countries. In 2019, it registered sales of 137 million euros, about 60% of which was from outside Germany.



After China’s lockdown, Ludger, Ludger Tillmann, General Manager of LUQOM, flew to Sanlongwan for an on-site inspection and was amazed by the local business environment, living environment, infrastructure and educational resources. Based on this trip, LUQOM decided to settle in Foshan. LUQOM is set to build a headquarter in Foshan to develop a bigger Chinese market.



Born in 2012, Sanlongwan is one of the six key platforms that underpins Guangdong Province’s opening to the outside world. Over the years, Sanlongwan has developed a good cooperation foundation and conducted exchanges with Germany and Europe. With a global vision in mind, Sanlong works to introduce diverse industries, build a vibrant business environment, and create a strong talent pool. It has now formed its own “Foshan Path” that caters to its cooperation and exchange with German companies when a cluster of major Industry 4.0 projects was landed one after another.



As said by Management Committee of Sanlongwan, its cooperation agreement with LUQOM will be one of the key foreign cooperation projects in the area. Right upon the signing, the committee is set to make close contact with the German Chamber of Commerce and the company management team, in oder to put relevant industrial carriers in place.


Here are the attendees at the signing ceremony:

Zhu Xixiong - Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Sanlongwan,

Li Jie, Deputy Director of the Foreign Cooperation Bureau of the Management Committee,

Liu Xiaobo, Director of the Investment Coordination Department of the Shunde District Construction Bureau of the Management Committee,

Ludger Tillmann, General Manager of LUQOM Supply Chain Management (Foshan) Co., Ltd.,

Zhu Lin, Deputy General Manager of Poly South China Asset Operation Department,

Lin Xiaoxun, Poly Center Office Director



"2021 is the first year that we started it out in China. Next, we have many works to do - recruiting, product R&D, procurement and trade, supply chain services and so on. We hope to cooperate with more outstanding local enterprises and formed a solid partnership together." Ludger said.


Zhu Xixiong, deputy director of the Management Committee of Sanlongwan, said that the area serves as an important window for Foshan's cooperation with Germany and international exchanges. At the same time, Foshan established itself as a city with strong industrial power and a complete industrial chain. It embraces a truth-seeking and pragmatic spirit. We have a lot in common with Germany. We look to work together on more.


In addition, based on the existing economic policies and other targeted supporting measures, the committee plans to strengthen “weak links” in investment policy, allowing more German or European companies to “land” in Sanlongwan.


Author | Jersey

Photo | Foshan China