Largest display of stone stamps breaks Guinness World Record
2021-02-07 17:37

On January 26th, Foshan Cultural Center witnessed the birth of a brand-new Guinness World Record. Li Jiangang’ work on stone stamps was announced to have set a new world record through an online authentication. Yang Shaopeng, the authentication officer of the Guinness World Records Beijing headquarter approved the authentication and congratulated Li on his outstanding work.




As reported, Li spent three years craving different writing styles of “寿“ (meaning “longevity” in Chinese) on seals. After he made it to 10,000, he put all the works together to constitute a giant display of “寿”. Artistically, the calligrapher hand-carved every single seal and chose 10,000 pieces of Shoushan stones in different shapes. The project showcases high artistry and great craftsmanship of Foshan artists.





The 10,000 seals include many elements - oracle bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, stone drum inscriptions, bird and insect scripts, small seals, Qin and Han Dynasties seals and so on. One can tell from the work the amazing charm of Chinese characters. Every stone holds a character. Every character carries a style. Every piece is unique in its own style.




This is another Guinness World Record set by Foshan, following 10,000-people Tai Chi Dance and 1,000-people Wing Chun Play. Xu Guo, Deputy Mayor of Foshan City, said that the new record has great significance to Foshan cultural development. This seal carving work will be on display at the Foshan Cultural Center until February 22.


Author | Jersey

Photo | Li Hong, Foshan Daily