Peach flowers in full blossom at Nanguo Garden heralds a new year
2021-02-07 17:59

On February 6, 2021, Nanguo Peach Garden at Nanhai District welcomed a sea of visitors. Massive areas of peach blossoms lighted up the garden in a breath-taking way. Citizens all over Foshan gathered here to feel the charm of a full blossom. Many photography lovers were even armed with flashing cameras to capture these beautiful scenes.  


Citizens in the garden taking photos


Citizens all flocked to feel the charm of full blossom


Peach flowers bloom in full swing (Photo by Zhou Chun)



Seas of flowers look lovely under the sunlight (Photo by Zhou Chun)


Bustling visitors striking poses by the flowers (Photo by Zhou Chun)


Little bees are busy getting honey (Photo by Zhou Chun)


Countless photographers are making art out of such marvelous scenery (Photo by Zhou Chun) 


Author | Jersey

Photo | Zhou Chun Foshan Daily