Foshan issued GD’s first certificate of origin for China-Mauritius Free Trade Agreement
2021-02-08 14:08

Recently, Shunde Office of Foshan Customs issued the first certificate of origin of China-Mauritius Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Guangdong Province for Guangdong Kerong Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. The certificate involves ovens and other electrical products with a value of 103,500 yuan. Enterprises can enjoy the benefit of customs clearance in foreign country with the certificate.



In light of the FTA between China and the Republic of Mauritius that came into effect on January 1, 2021, 96% of China’s commodities exported to Mauritius will be treated with zero-tariff treatment, and 94.2% that of Mauritius to China.


As pointed out by Foshan Customs, the agreement marks the 17th FTA signed by China, as well as the first FTA signed with an African country, which set a milestone in China’s opening up. With this agreement, China seeks to make new ground in pursuing all-round opening up. It is also clear that China has always been an upholder of free trade and economic globalization.


Author | Jersey