“Guangdong Hongbao” hit the headline again! How much lucky money do you get?
2021-02-18 14:55

As the Chinese New Year comes to an end, many Guangdong people have now started to unpack their “Hongbao” and posted it on social media. 



Most recently, a picture of “National Lucky Money Map” in China went viral online. Again, Guangdong Province ranks at the bottom at the list, with an average of 50 yuan per capita, standing out among all provinces. 




New 5-yuan RMB becomes extra popular  
Before the Chinese New Year holiday, people flocked to banks for the long-awaited new version of 5-yuan RMB. If you were late in a bank, it would be totally “out of stock”.



Inside a Guangdong Hongbao, 5, 10, and 20 yuan are the most commonly seen denominations; 50 yuan would be a ‘huge’ amount. In comparison to other provinces in China, many would wonder why Guangdong people are such ‘stingy’ when giving Hongbao.


Small amount, best wishes

In Guangdong, “Lishi” is a local nickname for “Hongbao”. Though the amount inside is often small, it carries profound cultural implications.

As explained by Rao Yuansheng, director of the Guangzhou Folk Culture Research Institute, “lucky money has integrated as a part of Cantonese culture, and it is more of a wish of good luck than the amount of money. Instead, little money can mean a lot. They value close relations with families and friends and an expression of thanks.” 


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