Nanhai Cuisine was aired on CCTV this new year
2021-02-18 16:06



Starting from the first day of the Lunar New Year, CCTV-4 broadcasted a special holiday series - “Food for Luck in New Year” (《过年吃出好彩头》) - to its show “Gourmet China” (《美食中国》). On the first episode, the show focused on “Nine-layer Cake”, a famous traditional snack in Nanhai District. With the “gao” (cake) served, people are expected to go “higher” (also pronounced as “gao” in Chinese) in their lives. What a lovely wish!




The episode also included a wonderful story behind the snack. Founded in 2008, Nanhai Dragon Boat Team has been crowned with 138 gold medals, and won world championships and Asian Games champions. The team owes much of its success to “Nine-layer Cake”. Every year Pan Huizhu, the team’s helmswoman, would make the cake at home and share it with all her teammates. The cake not only symbolizes all the best wishes for a better performance in a boat race, but also reminds them that they reap what they sow, and diligence and perseverance are the key to success. 

From February 12, the channel continued to share amazing dishes in Nanhai District, with 10 episodes themed on varied new year wishes in China. On each episode, there was 1 to 2 local dishes selected to depict local traditions and customs in Nanhai. The whole broadcast helps to better promote Foshan as a modern city with strong humanistic spirit.


Here are some sneak peaks on the coming episodes:


February 18th
Shrimp Dumpling, at Shuangxi Restaurant


February 19th
Poon Choi, at Juhao Garden Restaurant


February 22th
Steamed Mystus Fish, at Wangge Fishing Village


February 23th
Fish Plate, at Ririxin Restaurant


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